Ruby on Rails Developer

August 16, 2023
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Job Description

What you get to do every day:

●            Make a complex ticketing system easy to understand and customizable to serve many customer needs.

●            Deliver enterprise-grade software and experience some of the challenges presented by working at a global scale, working on both existing and new product features.

●            Champion code ownership, standard methodologies, and high-quality code with corresponding test coverage, to ensure reliability and stability are kept front of mind.

●            Participate in and/or lead all phases of the software lifecycle including discovery, technical design, defining scope with Product Managers, prototyping, implementing, testing, rollout, and maintaining performance of critical features.

What you bring to the role:

●            5+ years of experience designing, building, and shipping features to production in server-side languages such as Ruby

●            Practical web development skills you are able to apply in a large, well-established code ecosystem.

●            3+ years working with commonly used relational data stores such as MySQL, Aurora.

●            3+ years of experience using/understanding REST principles to help drive better, more usable API designs.

●            Familiarity with designing and working on projects at an enterprise-level scale.

●            Curiosity in technology and customer discovery. You want to know everything about our product and how it runs so you can help deliver the best experience possible to our customers. You see knowledge gaps as an opportunity to learn, not an area to avoid.

●            Eagerness to collaborate with others across the company to find the best solution. You will have amazing coworkers and the optimal path to success involves learning from and utilizing their expertise.

●            Empathy and communication skills to ensure you and those around you clearly understand what we are trying to accomplish.

Nice to have:

●            Exposure to JavaScript frameworks, especially React using Typescript, Redux and Apollo Client

●            Experience with general-purpose programming languages, especially Ruby

●            Experience with MVC frameworks, especially Rails

●            Experience with relational data stores

●            Experience with distributed architecture using Kafka, or similar