5 ways to encourage team cohesion in a remote working environment

As remote working has become the norm in many businesses, it is important to ensure that teams remain connected and cohesive.
Here are five of the best ways to do just that:

1. Regular and meaningful communication – Make sure your remote team members have regular opportunities to connect. This could be done through virtual meetings, group chats, or even video calls. Encourage everyone to take part in conversations and share their ideas. The key here is to focus on meaningful communication – no employee values meetings with no context or common objective.

2. Set achievable goals – Setting short-term, achievable goals can help remote teams stay motivated and connected. A common and achievable goal will increase team collaboration and communication. Goals that are shared across the team encourage teamwork and cohesion.

3. Encourage collaboration – Provide the tools and resources that allow remote teams to work together efficiently. This could include shared documents, project management tools, task lists, and more. Employees having to collaborate increases team cohesion and bonding.

4. Celebrate successes – Recognizing successes is important for any team, but especially for those working remotely. Celebrating successes, no matter how small can help boost morale and create a sense of accomplishment. Allowing employees to congratulate each other on success also helps build cohesion.

5. Make time for socializing – Encouraging team members to take time out for virtual social activities such as virtual lunch dates or coffee breaks is an important way to keep everyone connected and engaged.

By implementing these five best practices, remote teams can increase their team cohesion and foster a productive working environment.
With the right strategies and tools, remote teams can achieve the same level of collaboration and creativity as their in-person counterparts.